Saturday, November 5, 2011

St. Louis Experts -- Shakespeare Not Anonymous

Bruce Longworth, head of the performance program at Webster University's Conservatory of Theatre Arts, who has directed the Shakespeare Festival St. Louis' Kevin Kline-winning production of "Hamlet" in 2010, had this to say:

"Here's what I find troubling: the idea that Shakespeare had to be a nobleman with a university education. Education has never equated with imagination. If something happened to the Earl of Oxford (on a ship, similar to an episode in "Hamlet") — well, news got around. Maybe Shakespeare heard about it and used it; he was a magpie. Besides, Oxford had his own theater. Why wouldn't he give the plays to it?"

Not only did Shakespeare not have an education, he didn't even own a single book. Shakespeare never even mentioned his books or his plays in his will, but he did mention his bed. My essay The Masque of William Shakespeare explains how William Shakespeare rose to prominence in the theater and how he was involved in murder.

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