Friday, November 4, 2011

ANONYMOUS is a Tudor turkey!

That's what they're saying in the UK at Mail Online, giving it only one star. Why? The film presents a ludicrous premise that is unsupported by history. The reviewer says Anonymous is preposterous.

But so is William Shakespoeare, the writer. The real William Shakespeare had little or no education and never even owned a book. That's where the movie got it right--Shakespeare was most likely an illiterate baffoon. Common sense would say that the author of the greatest literature in English history needed a little education and surely should own a book or two. Doubts about Shakespeare have been expressed by Mark Twain and Sigmund Freud, to name only a few.

My essay The Masque of William Shakespeare shows that the real William Shakespeare was deeply entangled in a conspiracy that ended in murder. The evidence uncovers the actual writer of the plays...and it wasn't Shakespeare.

The Masque of William Shakespeare is available on Kindle and all other formats (IPad, Sony, Nook, amd most e-reading apps) at Smashwords.

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